Exposition de fleurs en papier et en tissu

In the tradition of  the Chinese medicine health and longevity depend on the capacity to preserve harmony and balance in the life. Many factors contribute to this preservation of health. The practice of a hobby and especially a creative one such as music, painting, is one of them. The respect of Nature and its cycles is also very important in this tradition. The representation of the beauty of Nature has always been used as a source of relaxation and meditation. Today many monks in  temples still use their free time to represent the nature by various artistic technics.

Thu Tran Hoang has been studying meditation from five years at Essence of health, as well as Reiki, martial art including tai chi, qi gong and Thai boxing. In her research of how to provide health and happyness, she discovered her gift and passion for creating flowers using Chinese and Japanese technics. she decided to start her own creative flowers activity in which she excels. She presented her flowers already in Vietnam. And it’s a plaisure for us to participate in their presentation in Phnom Penh.

artist working

Essence of health for the first time in Phnom Penh Thu’s Eternal flowers at Boutique Lifestyle mal

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