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Nurturing life

By |2020-03-04T08:06:10+07:00July 30th, 2019|anglais(english), English, Health info, Highlight, Publication|

Nurturing life Yǎngshēng is a treasure of Chinese medicine that brings together techniques for the preservation of health. To improve one's life and avoid illness. "Nurturing life" is the literal translation of Yǎngshēng, this little-known branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Yet Yǎngshēng holds an essential place. It [...]

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Diabetes: The solutions of the TCM

By |2020-03-04T08:07:58+07:00March 19th, 2019|anglais(english), English, Highlight, medical|

Diabetes: The solutions of the TCM The number of diabetics is increasing in Cambodia, as elsewhere in the world. Yet this scourge is not a fatality. There are simple ways to avoid it, and natural treatments like Chinese medicine to treat it. Diabetes is experiencing alarming growth worldwide. A [...]

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The eight causes of overweight

By |2020-03-04T08:10:45+07:00July 11th, 2018|anglais(english), English, Health info|

The eight causes of overweight Excess weight is the source of many pathologies. Chinese medicine has solutions to treat it, once it has identified its cause. According to Taoism - the science of life and the philosophy behind Chinese medicine - there is no difference between excess or underweight. Both [...]

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Whatch out, danger for the kidneys!

By |2020-03-04T08:19:36+07:00July 14th, 2017|anglais(english), English, Health info|

Warning ! Danger to the kidneys Many drugs cause side effects. You will find here a non-exhaustive list of the most dangerous of them for the kidneys. Taking chemical medicine can cause many side effects and damage to certain organs such as kidneys. In nearly 10% of acute renal [...]

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WHO recognizes TCM

By |2020-03-04T08:18:27+07:00April 11th, 2014|anglais(english), English, medical|

WHO recognizes Chinese medicine The World Health Organization (WHO) has compiled a non-exhaustive list of 42 diseases treated effectively by acupuncture (published in June 1979). Diseases of the upper respiratory tract 1. Acute (and chronic) sinusitis 2. Acute (and chronic) rhinitis 3. Grippe 4. Acute (and chronic) tonsillitis [...]

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Which diseases can be treated by MTC?

By |2020-03-04T08:17:12+07:00April 9th, 2014|anglais(english), English, medical|

The pathologies seen by Chinese medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes another look at our pathologies. She seeks their origin in order to treat them by restoring balance, the condition of health. In the preamble, let's remember a fundamental principle: no doctor cures his patient! It is the patient [...]

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Chinese medicine: health through balance

By |2020-03-04T08:16:13+07:00March 12th, 2014|anglais(english), English, medical|

Health through balance Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM - is based on respect for nature and its cycles. Balance is the condition of health. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a thousand-year-old medicine rooted in Taoist philosophy. According to this tradition, the human being is part of Nature and obeys [...]

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