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Monthly Archives: March 2014


Chinese medicine: health through balance

By |2020-03-04T08:16:13+07:00March 12th, 2014|anglais(english), English, medical|

Health through balance Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM - is based on respect for nature and its cycles. Balance is the condition of health. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a thousand-year-old medicine rooted in Taoist philosophy. According to this tradition, the human being is part of Nature and obeys [...]

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Flower exhibition

By |2020-03-04T09:05:55+07:00March 8th, 2014|anglais(english), Uncategorized|

In the tradition of  the Chinese medicine health and longevity depend on the capacity to preserve harmony and balance in the life. Many factors contribute to this preservation of health. The practice of a hobby and especially a creative one such as music, painting, is one of them. The respect of [...]

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